Activities Conducted

Child Health Card Scheme

With the help of two well equipped mobile dispensaries and team of two doctors, four nurses, two assistants and two drivers, we could reach more than 135 slums and 21 construction sites of Pune city. We are providing immunization, health check up and counseling for the parents about the need of immunization.
Some of our out reach are
Janata Wasahat, paravati , Sinhagad Road, Chandananagar, Khadaki, Yerawada, Wadarwadi, Shivajinagar, Kothrud, Waraje, Bibawewadi, Kondhawa, Lohagaon, Hadapasar, Kharadi, etc

Kishori Shakti Project
Career Guidance Program , School Kit Distribution, Rakshabandhan with some special children, orphanage children etc., Competitions are organized on occasion of different festivals, entrepreneurship development program , health awareness programs, health check up twice a year, leadership development program , excursion and visit to various places, study classes for the preparation of school exam s, pre-marriage counseling sessions for the girls above 18 years of age, three days residential training camp in the month of May and many more programs are organized according to the need of the community. For all these activities daily three hours classes are held in each slum in the noon time.
Fight against anemia (Malnutrition)
Niramay carried out complete ‘Hologram ’ check-up of all the children in two slums. The boys between 1 to 6 years & girls from 1 to 16 years were checked-up. Their blood samples were animalized with nearly 10 parameters from the reputed pathological laboratory. The detailed reports of these children were animalized by the team of doctors & nutritionists according to the growth chart provided by WHO, the each and every child was studied.
Based on this Niramay had undertaken the health check up drive for these children. The parents meeting were conducted to inform them about malnutrition, the causes behind it, the preventive measures, and the importance of healthy eating habits, cleanliness and hygienic conditions. The identified cases are restudied and proper follow up will be taken by the medical team of Niramay.

Health Awareness Program

Niramay had organized various awareness programs in the slums of Pune Municipal Corporation area. Few of them are
1. Awareness programs on Nutritious diet on occasion of Child Development Project in anganwadi’s from 1st to 7th September 2009.
2. A lecture session on Habits of daily diet of people varying in the age from 5 to 50 onwards was organized. In this session how to prepare & get nutritious from the nearby vegetables, fruits & grains available was discussed.
3. On 5th Sep.2009 Hadapsar ICDS project had organized opening ceremony of this nutritious diet week. A power point presentation was made on what is Nutrition, Its requirement, what are dietary misconcepts in community.
4. On 8th Sep.2009 a lecture session was conducted on ‘How to prevent ourselves from communicable diseases by pursuing nutritious diet’. Problems were discussed & doubts were cleared after the session.
5. Swine Flu Awareness Programs: In the month of July and August 2009, four awareness programs were conducted in the slums. For this set of posters were developed and displayed at the site. Demonstration was given on how to sterilize the napkins and how to wash hands frequently with soap. The main aim of these programs was that to provide perfect information about the epidemic and to reduce panic about it. Also to guide some preventive measures related to this epidemic.
6. Monthly one Health Awareness programs was organized in schools.

Training of Anganwadi Workers

The trainings were conducted from September 2009 to January 2010 and more than 800 workers were benefited through this program. More than 800 Anganwadi W workers were trained through 17 training programs. The topics covered were Diet for pregnant women, Diet for breast feeding mothers, Diet for adolescent girls, Counseling before pregnancy, ‘Causes , precaution and remedies about malnutrition’

On 20th and 25th August 2010, we have conducted the training program for theAnganwadi W workers from the area from where the major cases of malnutrition were identified. 50 Anganwadi W workers attended the training.

Joint Study Program s with Foreign Delegates:
Number of foreign delegates are willing to work for the cause of Indian society. From last two years, three foreign students studying in the field of public health had visited Niramay and spent a valuable time for the health awareness activities.
These entire students daily went with Niramay team , interacted with the slum children, their parents. They took keen interest in the schedule of vaccinations, record keeping, individual as well as family hygiene. They noted eating habits, type of food and the number of intakes etc.
Afterwards they had a joint discussions with the eminent doctors attached with Niramay. Each of these student prepared presentation on different issues. These were highly useful due to the third party analysis along with the international standards.
1. Dr. Brian Long (UK ): Has undertaken the same task and conducted health check up and survey of 100 normal and 100 malnourished children from the slum . He had prepared a study report for the same.
2. Shri. Pritam Chholi (US): A student from America had studied the activities of Niramay, visited number of slums with the mobile dispensaries, visited some houses of slum dwellers, and interacted with them to know about the health issues. He designed some power point presentations on the issue of swine flu, malnutrition, presented them in front of the community and helped a lot in developing the awareness materials for the cause.
3. Sherri Lin (US): a student of Public health had worked a lot on the issue of malnutrition. She had covered a survey of 26 children from slums, to identify the malnutrition cases from the same. A general health check up was conducted with the help of medical officers of Niramay. A study
report is prepared by her and on the same line some more studies were conducted.